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History of the Department

The Center of Special Education (CSE) was set up in 1970 with a dean in charge of the center. When Department of Special Education (DSE) was officially established in 1987, the dean of the center was then appointed to the dean of the department. With the extension ofconsulting services to pre-school, elementary, junior, and senior high schools as well as being responsible for the resource room, the dean of the center is designated to a vice professor or professor of the DSE.


  1. The dean, who has to be a vice professor or above and who is in charge of all the related affairs, of the center is designated by the chancellor of the university.
  2. There are two divisions in the center: Research and Consulting. Members of theResearch Division are responsible for the special education related researches, publication, data collection and exchange, and so on. Members of the Consulting Division deal with the projects on special education, evaluations on students with special needs, tutorials, student consultations, trainings, activities on promoting special education, and so on.
  3. The center provides a Special Education Consultation (SEC) hot-line to serve the southern Taiwan on the issues.
  4. An assistant is installed at the center to deal with the administration.
  5. A resource room is arranged to provide a counseling area for students with special needs (SSN).


  1. An office with an SEC hot-line
  2. An Evaluation/ Display room
  3. A Special-Education textbooks display room (shared with Visual Deficient Teacher-Training class/ Visual Deficient textbooks) at the basement
  4. A Resource room (shared with the library for Special Education Department)