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SEC Material Borrowing Rules

  1. The material lending is restricted to the teachers and students of Special Education department ONLY. SE students need to fill application form with supervisor’s signature.
  2. If the material is for class, please follow the proper procedure and apply at the center in advance.
  3. If SE students need to borrow evaluation tools for the evaluating purpose, they can ONLY go through evaluation specialist.
  4. Non-school units (still restrict to the school associated units) have to issue official letter along with application form before they can borrow evaluation material. If a unit wishes to borrow “WAIS”, in addiction to the previous two items, they must also attach a certificate on the WAIS course. (one certificate per one set of WAIS)
  5. The borrowing period is 2 weeks. When overdue, the borrower must come to the SEC to extend the period. The extension time is 2 weeks and is allowed ONLY once.
  6. Before taking out the borrowed items, the borrower should examine the content of the test material. The borrower will be held responsible for any damage, stain or loss when returning the borrowed items. The borrower has to compensate double of the original price and will also be banned to borrow any test material for 6 months.
  7. The consumables of the test material, such as test paper, record booklets, filter paper and so on, are for reference ONLY. Please DO NOT mark on or use any of them.
  8. Please make sure ONLY the SEC staff can receive and sign off your returning test material.
  9. Users of the test material are abided by the ethics: NOT to disclose the content of the test, NOR duplicate the test material.
  10. Please fill out all the detail that is required in the application form.


  1. An office with an SEC hot-line
  2. An Evaluation/ Display room
  3. A Special-Education textbooks display room (shared with Visual Deficient Teacher-Training class/ Visual Deficient textbooks) at the basement
  4. A Resource room (shared with the library for Special Education Department)

Download Test Material Application Form

SEC Material Borrowing Rules

Mon to Fri 9:00am~11:30am; 2:00pm~5:00pm

Available on weekdays except national holidays and summer and winter vacations