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Consulting Hot-Line

Schedules of Consulting Hot-Line and Consultors' Specializations

Name Specializations
Mai-Feng Tsuang Ph.D. Specialize in severe handicap, mental retardation
Min-Hua Hsing Ph.D Specialize in?hearing impairment
Shu-wen Lin Ph.D. Specialize in rehabilitation counseling, physical disability, assistive technology
Chen-Yao Kao Ph.D. Specialize in gifted and creative education, ceative thinking
Hsien-Ming Yang Ph.D. Specialize in learning disabilities
Mei-Hwei Ho Ph.D. Specialize in emotional/behavioral disorders,autism
Ching-Jen Lin Ph.D. Specialize in visual impairment, rehabilitation counseling
Pone-Chuan Lee Ph.D. Specialize in hearing impairment
Shih-Yi Chan Ph. D. Specialize in learning disabilities
Hui-Chuan Chu Ph. D. Specialize in emotional/behavioral disorders, multiple disabities
Yi-Tun Tseng Ph.D. Specialize in visual impairment, language speech disorders
Chien-Yu Lin Ph. D. Specialize in computer interface, interactive design, human factors
Ming-Ji Tzeng Ph.D. Specialize in physical assistive device research
Jia-Chen Chen M.D. Health consultation, medical care
Jen-Ho Lin M.D. Tourette syndrome, diagnosis of autism and ADHD

Service For

Junior and Senior high school, vocational school, kindergarten Special-Education teachers, administrators, teachers and caregivers, students with special needs, and parents.


  1. Evaluation on students with special needs. Enrollment and counseling.
  2. Regulations on special education and consulting on related problems.
  3. Consulting for parents with children with special needs on problems encountered.
  4. Workshops on teaching and practical problems with special education.